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SUP Review: Voyager from Red Paddle Co.

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Instead of focusing entirely on price, paddlers should explore the plethora of boards on the market for the use they are looking for. With smaller paddlers in mind, Red has designed the 12’ Voyager MSL Inflatable Paddle Board ideal for touring. We say smaller paddlers because the Voyager’s width is only 28”.

The Voyager comes with a new V-shaped hull which helps keep the board cutting through the water with less effort. The SUP has two battens which slide into a small side pocket of the board. The battens increase stiffness and rigidity to the inflatable board which gives it more of a hard board feel. There is a twin fin setup for the Voyager which helps with stability, especially if you’re going on an overnight trip and loading up the board with gear. The Voyager also comes with a new carry bag which has extra pockets, and backpack straps.

Our Take

We tested the Voyager on Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado. It’s a great location for touring. The Voyager’s V-shape hull cut through the water well, keeping the paddler going straight. The Voyager is slim at 28” wide which took a bit getting used to the first time I took it out, but after a few minutes it felt comfortable. The board pumps up to 21 psi, coupled with the battens; the board definitely had a stiffer feel than most inflatables I’ve paddled. There are straps at the front of the board if you’re looking to carry some gear, or take an overnight paddle. The handles on the Voyager were well designed, with more of a tube shape which makes it easier to grip.

Overall, the Voyager is a solid touring board with the smaller paddler in mind.

  • Dimensions: 12’ length, 18” wide, & 4.7” thick

  • Retail price $1,649, five year warranty, and free delivery.

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