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SUP Deck and Paddle Wax from OnIt Pro

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If you have taken part in a stand up paddling event in North America, chances are you have been photographed by OnIt Pro. Their tent is a staple at SUP events around the United States, particularly in the company’s home turf (or should I say waters) of Southern California and their event photographs are routinely shot, edited and disseminated to the stand up paddling community via social media free of charge as an altruistic gesture to support the greater good.

OnIt Pro was founded in Southern California by long time water sports enthusiasts with the goal of developing innovative, top quality  products for the water sports community. Each of their products are developed with environmental sustainability in mind by sourcing safe, non-toxic components that will not harm the environment. Known by the slogan “Champions Trust OnIt Pro”, their products are widely used by a number of top competitors across the stand up paddling community seeking an extra edge over their competition.

OnIt Pro’s SUP Deck and Paddle Wax

SUP Deck and Paddle Wax from OnIt Pro is a natural based wax with a high melting point designed to provide extra grip and traction. The wax was specifically designed for SUP’s with a UV inhibitor to ensure the wax would not slough off or flatten out during use. OnIt Pro packages their SUP Deck and Paddle Wax in recycled paper printed with recycled ink.

SUP Examiner’s Take

The SUP Deck and Paddle Wax from OnIt Pro is an inexpensive and easy to use product which eliminates slippery paddle shafts by giving your paddle a Spiderman-like grip. I enjoy backpacking when I’m not on the water and began using trekking poles a few years ago. Hiking with trekking poles is the equivalent of hiking in four-wheel drive and the trekking poles have been an essential piece of gear ever since. The same can be said regarding OnIt Pro’s SUP Deck and Paddle Wax. Once you use it you will never go with it again – at least not intentionally! It creates such an effective grip surface on your paddle shaft that I found I was able to relax my lower hand’s grip on the paddle, thereby staving off-hand and forearm fatigue which enables me to focus 100% on maintaining sound paddling technique throughout my session.

Many waxes on the market become soft and sticky after application and can leave a gooey residue on your hands, feet and clothing. With OnIt Pro’s SUP Deck and Paddle Wax, however, you can rest assured the wax stays where it was applied. Clean and easy to use, OnIt Pro’s SUP Deck and Paddle Wax should be an essential item in your gear bag. It is in mine.

Disclosure: OnIt Pro provided SUP Examiner with a sample bar of SUP Deck and Paddle Wax, however, the opinions expressed are my own. I have not tested the product on my SUP deck, as doing so is not applicable to the boards I am currently riding.

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