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Starboard Introduces Paddle Trash Picker to Honor World Oceans Day

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The ocean covers 71% of planet Earth and is responsible for roughly 97% of all water on our blue planet. The ocean is home to approximately 2 million different species, including the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale. The ocean serves as a valuable resource to humans, providing over 1 billion people with their primary source of protein and it is also the source of half of the oxygen we breathe. Additionally, the ocean regulates global climate and is the foundation of the planetary water cycle.

Today is World Oceans Day, but for the folks at Starboard every day is World Oceans Day. To encourage the effort to keep our oceans clean, Starboard has added a trash picker to their 2017 line of paddles. Every Starboard paddle from here on out will come with the Starboard Paddle Pick, “a tool that makes grabbing trash out of the water as simple as taking another stroke.” The tool is made from fully recycled materials and is easy to remove and reattach.

Do your part and help to keep our oceans clean. When you’re out paddling, leave the water cleaner than you found it. Pick up trash as you go, stash your trash, and encourage your friends to do the same. You may not feel like you’re making a big difference, but every little bit counts. Happy World Oceans Day!

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