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Review: True Energy Performance Socks

by admin

Socks are typically not an essential piece of gear for paddlers, but TrueEnergy Socks have changed my mind; perhaps they’ll change yours. TrueEnergy socks utilize infrared technology to harness your body’s heat to aid in recovery by expanding capillaries which improves circulation.

Truenergy technology uses nano-particles in the yarn to capture your body’s heat and increase circulation. The way this process works is the infrared fibers absorb your body’s heat and it creates infrared energy. This energy is then absorbed back into the body and thus improves circulation, reduces pain, and reduces muscle stiffness. There is more compression around the foot area and less compression as you move up the calf. The socks include reinforced heel and toe areas which is ideal for active people because those are the first areas which wear out on socks. TrueEnergy socks are registered with the FDA. If you’d like to learn more about the socks, visit their website technology section by clicking on this link.

PaddleXaminer tested the TrueEnergy socks after a two hour paddle on the Chatfield Reservoir in Denver, Colorado. Typically I go barefoot when I paddle flatwater in the warmer seasons and switch to sandals when I get off the water. With the cooler temperature reaching Denver in the evening I switched to shoes and socks. The TrueEnergy socks are super comfortable; after 20 minutes I did not even feel like I was wearing socks, it’s like they became part of my leg! My feet sometimes swell up after activities; the TrueEnergy socks truly helped keep the swelling under control.

The socks come in six sizes: Hidden, No show, Low-cut, Tab, Crew, and Over the calf.

If you are tired of the same old, so-called performance socks, I highly recommend you try TrueEnergy socks.

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