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Review: CrazyCap Water Purifier

by admin

Not all water bottles are created equal. For years we have relied on plastic water bottles, but now there is a better option.

CrazyCap uses ultraviolet light to purify water. In 60 seconds the ultraviolet LED light built into the cap will clean and purify the water inside the bottle. Simply double tap the cap to activate the purification sequence. For dirtier water, top the cap five times to activate crazy mode! Crazy mode is best for water from rivers, lakes, or ponds. The light on the top of the cap will pulse blue, when the cleaning process is completed it will flash green; your water is now safe to drink. My favorite feature is the CrazyCap LED light can be charged via USB port.

Not only does the CrazyCap LED ultraviolet light clean water but it can also sterilize surfaces such as silverware, laptop keyboards, or airplane food trays. CrazyCap has plenty of science to back-up the effectiveness of their products, so if you want to nerd out, here is a link!

I used CrazyCap on a paddle on Chatfield Reservoir in Denver. The water there is particularly murky so I thought it would be a great opportunity to test CrazyCap. I paddled out for 10 minutes to build up a thirst before laying my paddle down and sitting on my board. I pulled the CrazyCap bottle out of my drybag and dipped it in the water to fill it. I screwed on the cap and double tapped the top. At first I could not tell if it was working because of the sun so I shaded the cap with my hands and could see the blue pulsing light. After I saw the all clear green light I took a sip of water; it tasted great!

CrazyCap comes in an assortment of different colors. They even have a few quick How-to videos which are helpful.

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