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Matthew Chebatoris Talking Paddles with Jim Terrell Choosing the most appropriate blade size for your paddle is an important, yet simple task facing all… Matthew Chebatoris Quick Tips to Stay Hydrated While Stand Up Paddling Should you or should you not take water with you when stand up paddling? This is a… Matthew Chebatoris Downwind paddling: A conversation with Sonni Hönscheid If standup paddling is to be considered a niche sport, then downwind paddling is a… Matthew Chebatoris A version of this article in Japanese is available at the conclusion of the original text. The Japanese version is made possible through… Matthew Chebatoris Paddling safely The flat water confines of a harbor or marina are often where many first time stand up paddlers receive their… Matthew Chebatoris The popularity of inflatables continues to experience widespread growth throughout the paddling community and for good reason. Inflatable… Matthew Chebatoris Proper board maintenance is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of owning a stand up paddleboard. Many paddlers, particularly those… Matthew Chebatoris Here’s the dilemma: You’re looking for your first paddleboard and you are suddenly bombarded by boards. All-around boards. Wave runners!… Matthew Chebatoris Using a FCS Connect fin on your stand up paddleboard makes inserting and removing your fin a quick and easy procedure. No tools are… Matthew Chebatoris Choosing a SUP There are a number of options facing consumers interested in purchasing their first SUP.  The list of brands is seemingly… Matthew Chebatoris Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing watersport in the world for good reason. It is fun and accessible to a wide range of people on… Matthew Chebatoris The SUP Leash A leash is an essential piece of gear for all stand up paddlers. It will prevent your board from drifting away and out of… Matthew Chebatoris Flip Flops on Board Many SUPs designed for recreational paddlers come with bungee straps up front for stowing small items such as a water… Matthew Chebatoris Choosing a SUP Paddle Newcomers to the sport of stand up paddling are faced with an important question, regardless of whether they are… Matthew Chebatoris Water in Your Paddle Shaft Under some circumstances, it is possible for water to make its way inside the shaft of your SUP paddle.  In… Matthew Chebatoris Is your SUP paddle to long?  Changing your paddle’s length does not require you to purchase a new stand up paddle.  As Quickblade Paddles… Matthew Chebatoris Easy Steps to Repair Your Paddle Blade A nick or ding on your paddle blade is not the end of the world.  Carbon fiber blades are not…

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