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Paddling News: What’s Happening Around the Community

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A judge in Santa Barbara, California has refused to approve a deal that would have limited access to Hollister Ranch’s coastline to landowners, their guests, visitors with guides, and those who could boat or paddle in from two miles away. The deal, negotiated in private between Hollister Ranch and coastal officials, ignited widespread public outcry last year after The Los Angeles Times published the previously unknown terms of the deal. (Los Angeles Times)

The right of public access to the coast is a long established legal policy in the State of California frequently pitting private landowners against the public, the state’s regulatory agencies, and the judiciary.

Vaikobi Unveils VDRY Smock Top

Our good friends at Vaikobi have unveiled the latest in their popular established line of cold weather paddling gear with the introduction of the VDRY Smock Top. Vaikobi’s new VDRY Smock is designed to keep you dry and protected from the elements when both sailing and paddling. The top features Vaikobi’s super breathable 2.5 layer VDRY fabrication, extremely lightweight construction, and has been designed to provide minimal restriction while performing high energy water sports.

Vaikobi’s VDRY Smock is the third item in the VDRY range and fits nicely alongside the VDRY Vest and VDRY Jacket. Stay tuned for our forthcoming review of the VDRY Vest we’ve been testing while paddling OC-1 the last two months in Southern California. Explore our Gear section for existing reviews of Vaikobi gear.

Hippostick Introduces New SUP Paddle

Hippostick Paddles has lifted the curtain on the new Mana SUP paddle. Designed with a smaller blade and shaft to accommodate lighter and smaller hands, the Mana features a 7 sq/in blade and 26mm shaft diameter. The Hippostick Mana SUP paddle is available in both the Pro (lighter and stronger, but more expensive) and EXP construction.

The Cold Hands Paddle, California’s “Free Race” Goes Timing Free for 2019

The long running Cold Hands Paddle in San Pedro, California is going timing free for 2019. Participation at the Cold Hands Paddle has always been free. Sponsored by The Cabrillo Beach Boosters, Quest Nutrition, State Farm Insurance- Suzy Zimmerman, Caveman Granola, Harbor Physical Therapy, BG Surfboards, Ocean of Hope, Port Town Brewing Company, Drunk Monk Bier, LA City and LA County Lifeguards – the Cold Hands Paddle is famous for its raffle and apparel sales which support the Ocean of Hope.

What started out as a friendly wager between two Los Angeles City Lifeguards in February of 2002, has turned into the Cold Hands Paddle. Every year since 2003, the Cold Hands Paddle is set in the heart of the Southern Californian winter at the beginning of March when you never know what Mother Nature will have in store. See the current Cabrillo Beach Surf Report and water temperature and plan accordingly!

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Last Look

Are you curious to see what’s involved in executing a top class ocean race? Take a look at this highlights reel from the 2018 Shaw & Partners Perth Doctor and get ready to be inspired!

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