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Matthew Chebatoris Five things you should definitely consider when purchasing a travel paddle Not all SUP travel paddles are created equal. This mantra carries over to the travel paddle market where it may be even more important. The last thing you want is for your gear to have a negative impact on your epic vacation or trip to a SUP race in an exotic location. Having a paddle that easily breaks down for storage can not only save you odd-sized check in fees and broken equipment with airline tra Matthew Chebatoris Our Spring 2017 Gear Guide to kick off the paddling season As paddlers across North America are beginning to dust off their boards and prepare for the warm weather paddling season we thought it appropriate to release our Spring 2017 Gear Guide to add a little excitement and anticipation to the year. For this installment, we’ve assembled a curated collection of items for SUP and outrigger paddling. More than any other two paddling disciplines, SUP and outrigger have grown into Matthew Chebatoris Water in Your Paddle Shaft Under some circumstances, it is possible for water to make its way inside the shaft of your SUP paddle.  In the accompanying video, Jim Terrell of Quickblade Paddles demonstrates how to find the source of where the water is entering your paddle shaft and how to make a simple at home fix to remove the water and reseal. The first step is to locate where the water is entering your paddle shaft.  The majority of cases involving water entering a paddle’s Matthew Chebatoris Is your SUP paddle to long?  Changing your paddle’s length does not require you to purchase a new stand up paddle.  As Quickblade Paddles founder Jim Terrell demonstrates in the accompanying video, modifying your paddle’s length can be done at home or by a trained staff member at your local SUP shop. Many élite SUP racers have begun shortening the length of their paddles.  The advantage in doing so is to increase the amount of torque during their stroke – particularly when pa Matthew Chebatoris Easy Steps to Repair Your Paddle Blade A nick or ding on your paddle blade is not the end of the world.  Carbon fiber blades are not difficult to repair with one or two easily obtainable items from your local hardware store.  In the accompanying video, Quickblade Paddles founder Jim Terrell demonstrates the strength and durability of his paddles and the ease in which the blades can be repaired should they become damaged. In order to protect your paddle while not in use, I re

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