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Matthew Chebatoris Bamboo is the new black Grass Sticks was founded in 2014 in a garage in Steamboat, Colorado. Andrew Beckler, an engineer and skier, grew frustrated by the abundance of bent and broken ski poles on the mountain. He found himself going through multiple pairs of poles a year, so, he set out to create his own set. He chose bamboo for its flex and durability. Fast forward four years, and SUP and canoe paddles have been added to the collection. Photo: Kellie Goff Why Bamboo? Standa Matthew Chebatoris Choosing a SUP Paddle Newcomers to the sport of stand up paddling are faced with an important question, regardless of whether they are renting or purchasing equipment; how to choose their SUP paddle. At first glance, the long shafts and angled blades may all look pretty similar. Sure, it makes sense for a taller person to use a longer shaft. But how long should it really be? Similarly, the size of your blade can have a profound impact on your experience. Paddle Length There i

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