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Paddle Perfect: The Bluesmiths Lane Hydrophobic Shirt

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Formed by a group of water sports enthusiasts on the island of Maui, Bluesmiths is a premium water sports apparel brand defined by the mantra of not wanting to produce more gear, just better gear. The Lane Hydrophobic Shirt is an exclusive offering designed to quickly repel water so you can focus on what matters most and not be distracted by your gear.


  1. Hydrophobic Short Sleeve Shirt

  2. Ultra-fast drying, lightweight & highly breathable

  3. Water repellent – NanoSphere® Technology

  4. Sun protective – UPF 35 (Wet or Dry)

  5. Tailored fit

  6. Non corrosive zipper pocket with key leash & cable management

SUP Examiner’s Take

Great gear should complement and enhance your outdoor experience and make no mistake, the Bluesmiths Lane Hydrophobic Shirt does just that. The Lane readily stood out as a special product from the first moment I tried it on. The fabric of the Lane is soft and breathable. To the touch, it feels like a durable luxury product and not something that is going to quickly wear out or simply serve a utilitarian function. You will enjoy this shirt and look forward to wearing it just as you look forward to paddling your favorite board.

I tested the Lane out this past week paddling on the Santa Monica Bay over the course of a couple mild winter days here in Southern California before the onset of the El Niño storms and believe I have found my new favorite shirt. This not a mere rash guard, this is a thoughtfully designed shirt perfect for stand up paddling. I selected a medium based on my standard t-shirt size and was not disappointed. The hydrophobic fabric causes water to bead up and run off the shirt, essentially enabling you to get wet without the shirt retaining moisture. This feature proved to be fantastic on the mild, breezy winter days I tested the Lane and allowed me to wade into the surf when I launched without suffering the negative after effect of being trapped in a wet shirt for the rest of the day.

One of the first things I look for when trying on a new shirt is how it fits around my neck and hangs off my shoulders. The Lane appears as if it was tailored specifically for my build. The fitted style is perfectly cut for paddling and enables you to have a full, unrestricted range of motion during use. The Lane’s small pocket is situated over your lower back and is perfect for holding a tube of lip balm or similarly sized item.

MSRP: $75 www.bluesmiths.com

Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of this review, however, the opinions expressed are my own.

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