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Odina Surf: Fun and Flirty Sustainable Swimwear

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Odina Surf is a California based sustainable swimwear company with a large focus on functionality and sustainability.  Their suits are made from 100% recycled materials including plastics, recycled nylon, and reclaimed textiles. From start to finish, the suits are fully manufactured in the U.S.

Photo: Odina Surf

In addition to an eco-conscious mindset, the folks at Odina Surf are committed to the functionality of their suits for athletic girls. Each suit is tested by their team of athletes in a variety of conditions: big waves, diving, SUP, and body surfing. The suits are designed and cut to stay on in all conditions.

An Odina girl is defined as someone who “lives her life to the fullest but respects the earth and all its inhabitants. An Odina girl loves adventure but also loves her home. Above all, an Odina girl just loves living life and looking great doing it!”

I put a couple Odina swimsuits to the test and was pleased with the results.

The line of Odina swimwear comes in fun, flirty colors with cute, strappy details on the tops and bottoms. Multiple straps give the suit an ultra-secure fit and the neck strap is adjustable. I wore my suit paddling and surfing on multiple occasions and found that it stayed in place without a need to constantly readjust. In addition to swimsuits, Odina makes fitted shorts and leggings for days when you’re looking for a little more coverage.

All in all, Odina is a rad brand that makes fashionably functional sustainable swimwear.

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