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Northrite Pants From Merrell Provide Great Post Paddle Warmth

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Getting warm and dry after a paddle in cold water is essential. We can’t all live in Tahiti and many paddlers outside of the tropics get geared up before and after a paddle to an extent that it makes the sport resemble a different activity when compared to the lucky few out in the South Pacific. For those where needing to pull on a warm pair of pants after paddling is a necessity, I recommend taking a solid look at the Northrite Pants from Merrell.

What makes these pants so special? Well, they are fleece lined to start. If you’re like me, you may stop reading right there, open a new webpage and order yourself a pair. And you should. These pants are simply fantastic.

I have had fleece and flannel lined pants in the past, but they were always of a bulky, utilitarian style. Like much of Merrell’s range of outdoor wear, the Northrite Pants have a welcomed athletic fit and tough exterior designed to hold up to your outdoor adventures. I recently competed in the 15th annual Malibu Downwinder and packed my pair in my gear bag for the day. The Malibu Downwinder is always an interesting event to plan for. You never quite know what to expect. One constant in the time I’ve been attending, however, has been cold water and wind at the finish. And this time around I was ready for it.

The Northrite Pants have multiple zippered pockets which are great for holding small items and reducing the risk they will fall out and become lost. This is crucial when it is cold and you want simple, easy to use functional apparel. The knees are articulated for tons of flex and the leg bottoms are zippered making it really easy to slip in and out of when wearing shoes. Best of all, the fabric as a whole has a durable water resistant finish ensuring you stay warm and dry in fleece lined comfort.

Technical features include:

  1. Four way stretch, heavyweight dobby double weave with brushed back

  2. Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish

  3. Lower pockets with soft hook and loop closure. If you want to trek through a snowfield, these pants will get you there.

  4. Triple needle stitching details

  5. Contoured waistband with internal contrast piping

  6. Articulated legs

  7. Woven rope back center belt loop

  8. Zip secured back pocket

  9. Interior hem boot clips

Extend your time outdoors after your session and pick up a pair. You’ll be glad you did.

Learn more at merrell.com.

Wearing the Merrell Micro-lite Puffer and Northrite Pants. Great gear for those cold weather paddling events.

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