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Nikau Kai Waterman Shop: Manhattan Beach, California

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Nikau Kai Waterman Shop 909 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Nikaukai.com Phone: 310-545-7007 Hours: 10 – 6 Weekdays | Closed on Tuesday | 10 – 5 Weekends Lessons: Yes Rentals: Yes

About Nikau Kai

Located in the trendy South Bay community of Manhattan Beach, Nikau Kai is a hip family owned and operated shop that you’ll feel good about supporting. With more on offer than many shops twice their size Nikau Kai is held together with a quintessential Southern California surf culture vibe the likes of which can only be found in a local shop. Strategically perched on Manhattan Ave a mere two blocks up from the Manhattan Beach pier, the shop stocks a SUP quiver of boards from Infinity paired with paddles from Quickblade and Kialoa. SUP is just the tip of the iceberg at Nikau Kai where you can also indulge in a healthy selection of apparel for beach lovers of all stripes, fins and accessories, in addition to surfboards, handplanes and skateboards.

Folks are always asking about the shop’s name and what it’s all about and how to pronounce it (Nee-Ko-Ki or Nee-Cow-Ki). Nikau and Kai are the names of the owner’s boys and as it happens also means Palm and Ocean in many Polynesian languages, hence their logo. So that’s it… a family thing. If they’re lucky, maybe they’ll get to run it one day!

The shop aims to cater to everyone who loves the ocean and believes it that you surf and not what you surf that is most important. “From handplanes to stand ups and everything in between, just get out there and have some fun,” said Nikau Kai’s owner Jason Shanks.

The shop’s interior decor is warm and welcoming. If you’re an out of towner in the area for one of the South Bay’s numerous events, plot a course in your GPS and add Nikau Kai to your itinerary.

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