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MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Lights: Ready for Adventure

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I briefly saw the MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Lights booth at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver this past summer. The design concept is simply, yet revolutionary. MPOWERD, short for Micro-Power-Design, married a small circular solar panel with an 4.25” (10.2cm) inflatable bubble. The bubble acts as a lamp shade for the LED lights powered by the solar panel. It’s just that simple.

The result is a highly versatile inflatable solar powered light that you can use virtually anywhere from the sea to the summit. MPOWERD solar lights are waterproof and lightweight enough to take with you everywhere. You can easily pack 10 of the little guys in the space once occupied by a traditional camping lantern.

I picked up a Pro Series model which comes with a built in USB port. The USB port is a great added feature which you can use to charge a small electronic device such as your smartphone. I found that by attaching the MPOWERD solar light in its deflated form to my backpack I can easily charge my device while on the go. The same concept works well anywhere in the outdoors. Plus, you have the value of it being an amazing light.

The MPOWERD solar light strapped to my backpack.

The fully closed inflatable lights have four modes: low, medium, high and flashing. They are waterproof, so you can easily take the water by attaching one or more to your paddle craft. The MPOWERD lights have a small snapping strap that works well to secure the lights or you can configure them with a carabiner, rope or whatever you desire.

The lights come in various models from white light, a soft light version called LUX, multiple colors and a couple different sizes. I’m a “more power” kind of guy and opted for a simple clear white light with up to 150 lumens of output.

Options to use products and technology powered by renewable forms of energy are becoming more and more prevalent throughout society. Solar panels are sprouting up seemingly everywhere from homes to parking meters. Fortunately for outdoor adventurers the solar trend is increasingly being extended to the outdoors. Solar technology has been around and used in various forms for decades, but the more recent ability to scale the technology at an affordable price has unleashed new opportunities.

MPOWERD solar light.

MPOWERD solar lights a one such product. Great for the outdoors, their robust solar technology lends them to be a a good option for emergency lighting during power outages. These solar lights are hands down one of the best new products on the market in the outdoor space. Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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