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IceMule Coolers: Soft sided and Ready for Adventure

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Going on a two day paddleboarding trip and need to keep your food items cold but don’t want to drag a hardside cooler? Icemule coolers is the perfect solution! It combines the effectiveness of a cooler with the convenience of a dry bag. The Icemule cooler is a soft-side cooler that doubles as a dry bag and will keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours.

The tough exterior material is very durable and functions just like a dry bag. Paddlexaminer tested the Icemule Cooler Classic in Olive Green on a recent paddle on Chatfield Lake on a warm 70+ degree day in Denver. I strapped the cooler to my board with the tie-down straps on my Hala Nass and cruised around the lake covering 6 miles. When I arrived back at my launch-point two hours later, my lunch and beer in the Icemule were still cold!

IceMule Mule Tech

Icemule Coolers are engineered for maximum durability and portability. Icemule uses its proprietary technology called MuleSkinET™. The MuleSkinET™ is a sturdy exterior fabric combined with MuleSkinEV™ a tough interior layer to create a robust shell that protects against the elements and keeps your beers cold. Bottom line, this is one tough cooler!

Unlike hardside coolers which take up a lot of space, the Icemule cooler can be rolled up and stored in a compact roll due to its soft-side design. It comes with an air valve built into the side of the cooler which you can use to add or release air from the cooler.

Just going to the beach or the park for a day, the Icemule cooler is the perfect companion to keep your drinks and food cold while you soak in the sun with family and friends. Icemule Classic Coolers comes in four different sizes depending on your needs: SizeMiniSmallMediumLargeCapacity9L/six cans plus ice10L six can plus ice15L/12 cans plus ice20L/18 cans plus iceDimensions14” x 7.5”16” x 8”16” x 10”16” x 12”Weight (empty)1.4 lbs1.6 lbs2 lbs2.1 lbsPrice$44.95$49.95$59.95$69.95

Icemule Classic Coolers come in five colors: Icemule Blue, Crimson, Seafoam, Olive Green, and Blaze Orange

There are also three other styles of coolers to check out if you’re looking for a bigger Icemule cooler.

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