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How to Use a FCS Connect Fin

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  • Matthew Chebatoris

Using a FCS Connect fin on your stand up paddleboard makes inserting and removing your fin a quick and easy procedure. No tools are required and many paddlers enjoy the convenience and simplicity of the design.

  1. The first step is to insert the silver pin at the leading edge of the fin into the fin box of your board.

  2. Slide the fin into your desired position.

  3. Press down on the trailing edge of the fin until the colored bead snaps into place.

  4. To remove the FCS Connect fin simply place your hand on the fin and pivot it forward until the colored bead snaps out of the fin box.

  5. Slide the fin so the leading edge with the silver pin can be lifted out of the fin box on your board.

Best Uses for an FCS Connect Fin

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