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How to Remove Water from your Paddle Shaft

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Under some circumstances, it is possible for water to make its way inside the shaft of your SUP paddle.  In the accompanying video, Jim Terrell of Quickblade Paddles demonstrates how to find the source of where the water is entering your paddle shaft and how to make a simple at home fix to remove the water and reseal.

The first step is to locate where the water is entering your paddle shaft.  The majority of cases involving water entering a paddle’s shaft are the result of an improperly installed handle.  All it takes is for a small seam to be out of alignment for your paddle’s shaft to potentially take on water.

If the handle is not the source of the infiltration, the second most common place is at the base of the shaft where it connects to the blade.  In either of the aforementioned locations, the procedure for locating, removing the water and sealing your paddle are the same and can be performed at home or by a trained staff member at your local SUP shop. paddle shaft

In the unlikely event your paddle is taking on water from somewhere other than the handle or base of the shaft, the integrity of your paddle’s shaft has most likely been compromised and you should seek prompt repair prior to use.  Most importantly of all, keep paddling my friends!

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