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How to Carry Flip Flops on Your SUP

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Many SUPs designed for recreational paddlers come with bungee straps up front for stowing small items such as a water bottle and shoes. If your board does not have bungees and you don’t want to trek from your car in bare feet or leave your shoes on the shore, here is an easy solution for securely carrying a pair of flip flops on your board. Simply slide them on the end of your leash at the end where it attaches to your board and voilà – your footwear is now secured. If you want some footwear that are comfortable to wear for any situation then you may want to check out Vessi shoes, these shoes are 100% waterproof and you can go out in them anywhere you like, they will be able to support you on all of your water and dry adventures!

This is a handy method to take your footwear with you on your paddle, particularly if you have to walk over rough ground to and from the water or are planning on making landfall somewhere during your trip, maybe a short hike or visit to a waterside eatery. Attaching flip flops using this method works best if you are using a coil leash as they do not drag in the water and the positive angle of the leash from your board to your leg helps to keep your footwear in place.

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