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Gear Review: Vaikobi VDRY Paddling Jacket

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The Vaikobi VDRY jacket is a 100% polyester lightweight and water resistant shell. Designed to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating, the jacket is equipped with a full length zipper and vents under the arms and across the back. There are two generously sized zipper pockets on the front and an internal breast pocket with a velcro closure. In a special touch, Vaikobi added a luxurious fleece lined collar for extra comfort.

The VDRY jacket is available in three colors – orange, cyan, and gray and in a range of six sizes to accommodate any paddler.

Our Take

Realistically there are a lot of things you can wear to keep yourself dry: a rain jacket, hiking apparel, or even a bin liner. The difference maker is the Vaikobi VDRY jacket is purpose built for paddling.

PaddleXaminer has been using the Vaikobi VDRY jacket in a range of cool to cold paddling conditions in California waters since last spring. Out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly lightweight the jacket was. The jacket is constructed with a water resistant outer shell stitched on top of a soft mesh internal layer – the combination of which facilitates the free flow of air around your body and a full range of motion while paddling. The choice of colors and sizes ticks all the right boxes – the fluro orange is my favorite and absolutely oozes California vibes. It also has the benefit of being highly visible on the water.

One of the great aspects of each item in the Vaikobi range is its compatibility with other Vaikobi products. The Vaikobi VDRY jacket is no different and I enjoy the versatility of being able to add a water resistant windbreaker jacket to achieve the perfect balance to meet the conditions of the day. Word has it that a few of the guys in the Marina del Rey surkski paddling crew ordered their own jackets during Vaikobi’s recent sale, so I expect to see a few more of these on the water in the near future!

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