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Gear Review: The Zeus from Uncharted Supply Co.

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You get in your vehicle, turn the key, and nothing happens; insert your obscenity of choice.

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we have a friend nearby or a good samaritan helps us out with a jump. Enter The Zeus from Uncharted Supply Co. The Zeus is a portable jump starter you can store in your vehicle for these types of moments.

The Zeus is compact and portable, perfect for storing in any vehicle, large or small. It comes in a simple black carrying case which fits all the accessories which come with it.

  • The Zeus power system

  • AC/DC wall adapter

  • Car charger

  • Jumper cables

  • Three way USB charging cord

The Zeus is easy to use. It has a four dot indicator light to note the power status of the system. The Zeus has two USB output plugs, flashlight, two DC output plugs (12V – 16V), and one DC input. It can fully charge an iphone from 0% to 100% ten times.

Our Take

PaddleXaminer tested The Zeus this winter in the mountains of Colorado. I was on constant lookout for a stranded motorist this winter. In early January I spotted one in Avon, CO. I pulled up and asked if they needed help. “Oh I called AAA, they will be here in 45 minutes” they said. “Well, that is a bit of a wait, how about I just jump it right now”? I replied. They looked at me a bit puzzled, but after thinking it over a few seconds said sure. I hopped out of my truck, grabbed The Zeus and went to work. The person looked on skeptically but said nothing. I quickly connected The Zeus; once the battery clamps were connected, I said “Fire it up”. They turned the key and Voila, their car started!

The Zeus is easy to use. The instruction manual is short, I recommend reviewing it before using The Zeus to ensure you complete the steps in the correct sequence. I really like the compact size of the battery pack. The carrying case is great to store all the parts, with the exception of the zipper compartment. The zipper moves horizontally across the case and it’s a pain to fit in all the accessories in and zip it. I’d suggest relocating the zipper to the edge of the compartment to make it easier to put the accessories in the carrying case.

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