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Gear Review: The Granite Gear Slacker Packer Drysack

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Quite possibly the most versatile drysack on the market, the Granite Gear Slacker Packer Drysack is packed full of great features which make it a fantastic piece of gear for paddling, hiking, or simply a day at the beach. To start off, this ultra-light drysack is packable and comes with its own mesh storage pouch. This allows you to easily store it inside a larger pack and break it out when needed.

Many drysacks are made of rigid material which works great at keeping out water, but are generally not ideally suited for use off the water. Not so with the Slacker Packer Drysack. The soft, pliable fabric and padded shoulder straps give the bag the added utility of being a great option for day pack for hikers, especially those in an aquatic environment such as canyoning or exploring tide pools along the coast in the morning and paddling in the afternoon. With the Slacker Packer Drysack you can seamlessly transition from the trail to your SUP.

The 25L bag fits perfectly beneath the standard bungee configuration found on most SUPs. Alternatively, it can be comfortably worn on your back while paddling by adjusting the sternum strap to one of three positions, depending on personal preference and body size.

Lastly, the Slacker Packer Drysack comes in a bright blood orange color to ensure you remain visible on the water. All in all, if you are a stand up paddler in the market for a drysack that you can use for a variety of activities, this is the bag for you.

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Visit: Granitegear.com MSRP: $42.95

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