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Gear Review: Rungu Electric Juggernaut

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One of the many exciting aspects of attending a major SUP event such as the Pacific Paddle Games is the opportunity to learn about and occasionally test new products. I first saw the Rungu Electric Juggernaut one morning during the Games as its rider skillfully navigated the soft sand of Doheny State Beach with a wheeled board trailer in tow. The rider on the electric bike was headed towards the far corner of the Bone Yard near the horseshoe pits. I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly I had just seen, nor did I realize at this point that the rugged, dual front wheeled bike was on display in the demo zone. Most of all, I certainly didn’t think I would have the opportunity to go for a test ride on the Juggernaut later that day. I did a bit of research and found some of the top rated electric bikes and I couldn’t wait to ride one for myself.

Electric bike riding on the sand

The Pacific Paddle Games Demo Zone provided what was undoubtedly one of the few opportunities to legally speed around a crowded California State Beach on an electric bike while using pedestrians, sunbathers and stand up paddlers as unwitting obstacles as I gleefully spun doughnuts in the sand and bounced across the grassy picnic area wearing my camouflage print Shelta Hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.

Rungu electric bike. Yeah, you know you want one!

The Rungu Electric Juggernaut is designed as an alternative to a traditional ATV. Powered by foot pedals just like a bicycle and augmented with an electric motor, the Juggernaut easily traversed the soft sand at Doheny State Beach. Moving over grass and hard packed dirt was easily accomplished and throughout it all, the dual front wheels kept the bike extremely stable. Not once did I feel I was at risk of tipping, even in the softest of sand.

The Electric Juggernaut weighs in at 90 lbs and its battery has a range of 3-5 miles in soft sand and 20-30 miles on a hard packed surface such as dirt or pavement. And best of all, you can conveniently alternate between pedal power and the electric motor with the twist of the throttle on the right handlebar. The Rungu can easily pull a board trailer and pretty much anything else you might need for a day at the beach.

I can easily envision the utility of owning a Rungu Electric Juggernaut for paddlers who live close to a body of water and are looking for a fun and practical alternative to driving. Perhaps even rental companies as a vehicle to transport boards to and from your shop.

Rungu Electric Juggernaut: Standard Features and Performance

  1. Throttle-controlled, high-torque, three-phase hub motor

  2. Up to 2,100 Watts of power

  3. Disc brakes on all three wheels

  4. Aluminum casing with 52V controller and 12.5 Ah Li-NMC battery

  5. Speed electronically limited to 20 mph (32 kph)

Learn more at: riderungu.com MSRP: $5,300.00–$5,479.99

At home on the sand.

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