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Gear Review: Rapid Raft from Uncharted

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Uncharted Rapid Raft, loaded and ready for adventure!

Need a support raft for your overnight paddling trip? Uncharted has you covered with their Rapid Raft! This small, yet portable raft is easy to use and inflate; it can hold up to 400lbs which should cover all of your overnight camping needs.

The Rapid Raft is lightweight, weighing in at a whopping three pounds! Inflating the raft is easy to do, but we recommend you practice it a couple times before taking it out on a trip. Simply unroll the raft, face the opening into the wind, let it fill up with air, and roll the raft up by securing it with the clip. There is a one-way value on the side of the raft to top off the air; no pump needed! The raft is pretty durable and easily holds all your essentials.

Our Take

We took the Rapid Raft on an overnight SUP trip on the Colorado River through Ruby Horsethief Canyon in the McInnis National Conservation Area. The trip was 25 miles on the river; it’s a float trip with no rapids (the flow was 2300 CFS for our trip). I was on a SUP and my friend in a Ducky. We used the Rapid Raft as a support raft to hold some of our gear, pulling it behind our watercrafts. It was easy to inflate, but we had to be creative in securing all the gear because there are only attachment loops at the back of the raft.

The Rapid Raft performed exceptionally over the 25 mile overnight paddle trip. We topped off the air a few times, but the raft definitely had a consistent baseline. We were able to jerry rig our extra SUP leash to the raft to pull it behind us. We recommend Uncharted add attachment loops on the front of the raft, ideally one in the center with a D-ring because that would make it much easier to pull behind your craft.

The Rapid Raft definitely fulfilled our needs on our paddle trip. I can envision taking it on a hike to float around on a mountain lake!

The Rapid Raft comes in two colors:

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