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Gear Review: Olukai Sandals

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PaddleXaminer met with OluKai, a B-certified corporation, at the Winter OR in Denver back in January. While it was 20 degrees outside, inside we were already planning for summer. OluKai was coming out with new sandals and PaddleXaminer got a sneak peek at the new lineup!

First off, OluKai is the maker of Hawaiian inspired sandals. They began with the goal to create solid footwear with the durability to survive the ocean lifestyle while having solid roots in quality and style. OluKai employs the wet sand principle. Imagine your foot in the wet sand as it slowing sinks down and compresses the sand. The heel sinks, your toes flare out and the arch of your foot fills up. This is the feeling you get when you put on a pair of OluKai sandals!

PaddleXaminer tested two new models:

Hokau Ale – retail price $80 Alania Slide – retail price $85

The Hokau Ale, pronounced (hoh-koo-ah) meaning Crest of a Wave, are toe-hole sandals with a compressed mold footbed which provides an anatomical fit. The first time I put the Hokau sandals on I immediately noticed the footbed and how it molded to my foot; no sandal has ever felt like this! I tested the Hokau Ale while paddling on Lake Dillon in Colorado. They are the perfect shoe to wear while walking to the lake to protect your feet from the hot cement/sand, sticks, or rocks along the way. Worried about getting them wet? Forget about that, they are made for the water! Made with waterproof leather and quick drying jersey knit lining. The soles have razor swiping for excellent traction on any surface

The Alania Slide, pronounced (ah-lah-nee-ah) meaning Smooth as the Ocean, are a slide on sandal. Similar to the Hokau, when I first slid the sandals on, I felt the deep heel footbed and the pronounced arch support. The Alania Slide has a clean and smooth look with nubuck leather which stretches to the users foot over time. The soles have razor swiping for excellent traction and has a laser made logo. These are great sandals to walk to and from your paddle excursions, or to wear around the house.

OluKai supports the Ama OluKai Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3). The foundation partners with organizations based in Hawai’i to help honor those who preserve and celebrate the cultural, heritage, and Aloha spirit of Hawai‘i.

Every year OluKai sponsors their version of Ho’olaule’a, the legendary eight mile Maliko downwind race. There are multiple divisions including SUP, OC1, and OC2. Click here for more information.

Looking to get a quality sandal which will last instead of going through a pair(s) of flip flops every summer? Look no further than OluKai! Also check out OluKai’s line of shoes, boots, and slippers.

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