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Gear Review: myCharge Adventure H20 Portable Charger

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The myCharge Adventure H₂O portable charger is a portable charger specifically designed for outdoor adventures. The Adventure H₂O is available in a range of battery sizes from 3350mAh all the way up to 20100mAh. The lower mAh models are perfect for use with smartphones and the larger versions will easily replenish a tablet once or twice. Regardless of the size you choose, each myCharge Adventure H₂O is rugged, waterproof, shock proof, dirt proof and outfitted with a carabiner to securely attach it wherever is best for your particular needs.

Our take

PaddleXaminer tested a 6700mAh model which is perfectly sufficient for recharging a smartphone approximately 3.5 times. It has two USB ports to allow you to charge two devices at once, which is a fantastic feature when traveling with another paddler. It is small enough to comfortably fit in your hand and weighs just 6.75 oz. To place that into a bit of context, my iPhone XR weights 8.75 oz and is 1.5 inches longer.

The power button is very easy to use and the device displays four white lights when fully charged. Overall the design is clean and simple. We recommend carrying a myCharge Adventure H₂Oon any type of paddling trip from a down river adventure to a camping excursion over a long weekend. You’ll never have to worry about a low cell phone battery at the end of your day and can keep focused on having fun!

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