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Gear Review: Morakniv Floating Knife

by admin

You always need a good knife when adventuring outdoors. Whether you’re paddling overnight, going on a camping trip, or just taking a hike on your favorite trail; having a reliable knife is a good practice to follow. Morakniv, a Swedish knife maker with a heritage stretching back more than 400 years, has developed a unique take for those who choose to adventure on or near the water by creating the floating knife.

The floating knife comes with an ergonomic cork handle, finger guard, and is made with a recycled stainless steel blade. Morakniv’s floating knife is available in two configurations: straight and a blunt tipped serrated blade. The knife is lightweight and the cork handle allows it to float. It comes in a brightly colored polymer sheath which easily clips to your belt or PFD, orange for the serrated model and lime green for the straight.

Our Take

We tested the floating knife with a serrated blade on an overnight paddle trip down the Colorado River in Colorado. It was comfortable to clip to your waistband or PDF while paddling. Personally I like it clipped to by PFD for easier access when needed. Before starting out, PaddleXaminer performed a quick float test by tossing the knife in swallow water. Unsurprisingly, the knife passed this test with flying colors.

A fellow paddler saw me toss the knife and yelled “what are you doing”, then he saw it float and said, “That’s kind of cool, where did you get that knife?” The knife worked well at cutting rope and the chicken I had for dinner.

With any outdoor gear, proper care is important. Be sure to wash and dry your knife after use. Overall – the Morakniv floating knife is a good addition to any outdoor enthusiasts arsenal.

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