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Gear Review: Luci Solar Lights from MPOWERD

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Paddlexaminer met the founder John Salzinger and CEO Seungah Jeong of MPOWERD Luci lights at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in Denver back in June. They were kind enough to sit-down with me and tell me the Luci story. The origin of the Luci light dates back to 2012 with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product people could use in any situation. With advancements in renewable energy, the Luci light was possible. The impetus of the Luci light was to give light to those who have none and replace the nasty kerosene lamps use by so many.

Paddlexaminer reviewed three different Luci lights:

  1. Luci Base Light

  2. Luci Connect

  3. Luci Solar String Lights

All are solar powered lights with USB ports to charge devices such as your phone or tablet. Each set of solar lights can be charged via solar power or through a USB (if you need a quick charge). All three are great for camping or general outdoor activities such as chillin in the backyard or going on an evening paddle. The Luci Base Light and Luci Connect are both inflatable and waterproof so they can go anywhere.

I tested the Luci Connect as a lantern on my paddleboard for an evening paddle while visiting family, putting it on the front of my Hala Nass SUP. The light acted as a guide to illuminate the water in front of me. 

Back home in the Rocky Mountains, one of my new favorite activities is doing moonlight paddles. The ideal setting is when the moon is full and the clouds minimal; you get out on the water and the moonlight provides enough light to see without a headlamp. I left a Luci light on the shore to act as a marker to know where to return, similar to a lighthouse.

The one enhancement I recommend MPOWERD make is to configure the power button as an LED light or make it more concave so it’s easier to sense by touch. Often it’s dark and when I go to turn my Luci Base Light on but can’t find the power button. I end up fumbling around by touch until I find it.

The Give Luci program provides the ability to give a Luci light to those who can truly use it. Purchase a Give Luci light and one of MPOWERD’s non-profit partners will send it directly to someone who is living without access to electricity. 

MPOWERD is a B certified corporation. As Luci’s motto states, “life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down”. Many of us take for granted the ability to flip a switch and have light instantly. The Give Luci program provides anyone the ability to gift the same power to someone who needs it.

I love the Luci lights I tested! The Solar String lights are great for any location, inside or outside, to create a cool, low-key ambience. The Luci Connect changes into five colors and can be operated from an app installed on your smartphone. The Luci Base light is a solid replacement for those inefficient desk lamps we all use. The Luci light family makes the perfect gift for anyone!

Retail Prices:

  1. Luci Base Light $44.95

  2. Luci Connect $64.95

  3. Luci Solar String Lights $40

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