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Gear Review: LifeStraw Hydration Products

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Staying hydrated is important no matter what activity you’re doing: backpacking, skiing or paddling. LifeStraw has a plethora of products to fit your needs. PaddleXaminer met up with LifeStraw rep Wendy at the winter outdoor retailer even in Denver this past January. Wendy walked us through the features and benefits of LifeStraw products.

  1. Hollow Fiber Membrane – traps contaminants

  2. Filtration Process – containments bigger than 0.2 microns are trapped in the filter

  3. Filtering Chemicals – some LifeStraw products use two-stage filtration process

  4. Filters out 99.999% of bacteria, parasites and microplastics

LifeStraw products are durable and well designed. The LifeStraw Steel is a small cylinder weighing in at 3.7 oz (0.23 lbs). It’s ideal for backpacking or paddling because you can drink directly from the water source. With big groups, the LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag comes in handy because it holds up to one gallon (3.78 liters) of water which can be filtered. The gravity bag weights 6.94 oz (0.43 lbs) and can filter one liter every two minutes.

PaddleXaminer tested the LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag this summer. A group of five of us hiked in the Mount Zerkel Wilderness area northwest of Steamboat Springs, CO. It was a 9.5 mile hike in to Roxy Ann Lake. The trail was beautiful, starting out in aspen groves and along lakes and streams most of the way. I setup the gravity bag in our campsite and my friends said “Wow, that will be so much easier than using the hand pump.” It’s a bit tricky to get the bag completely full; be careful not to capture small leaves or twigs when you fill the bag as they can jam the filter.

The LifeStraw Steel was tested while paddling on lakes in Nebraska. You can simply lay flat on your board and safely drink water. My nephew was particularly excited to use the Lifestraw Steel to drink from the lake!

LifeStraw products are great for the outdoor enthusiast by providing a clean and safe way to stay hydrated!


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