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Gear Review: Holman Floatable Sunglasses from Bolle

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When paddling you want to protect your eyes from the sun, so sunglasses are a must have when on the water. Bolle, best known for their high performance sunglasses and goggles, came out with their newest sunglasses perfect for paddlers, the Bolle Holman Floatable!

The Holman Floatable sunglasses are one of the few sunglasses on the market which float. Most sunglasses will disappear into the abyss if they fall off your head. The Holmans will float; Bolle achieved this by injecting tiny air bubbles into the frame of the shades which allows them to float. The shades have a clean shape which works well for most faces.

PaddleXaminer tested the Holman Floatable sunglasses on a beautiful sunny morning in May at the Chatfield reservoir in Colorado. The sun was out in full force so sunglasses were essential. The HD polarized lenses kept my eyes protected. I cruised on the lake for 20 minutes before the float test. I got to a good spot with no other watercraft near me, sat on my board and dropped the Holman sunglasses in the water. There was a brief moment of panic because the Holmans appear to start sinking, but then popped up to the surface as one would expect. I tested them a few more times, dropping them from higher up and even tossed them ten feet from my board; each time the Holman’s came to the surface.

Technical Specs:

  1. HD polarized lenses

  2. Floatable

  3. Anti-reflective treatment

  4. Oleophobic treatment

  5. Hydrophobic treatment

The come in three colors:

Holman Floatable’s retail for $119

If you’re a paddler or looking into getting into paddling, check out Bolle Holman Floatable sunglasses!

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