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Gear Review: Go Lite Apparel

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PaddleXaminer met with Go Lite at the Summer Outdoor Retailer in Denver back in June. GoLite is the maker of sustainable performance gear from trail running, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and yoga GoLite has you covered. Based in Seattle, Washington, GoLite has the outdoors on the brain. We spoke with one of their reps at Summer OR to see what new products GoLite has coming out. Here are a few PaddleXaminer tested.

  1. ReLite Shorts

  2. ReActive Boxer Brief

  3. ReActive Tee

  4. RePlay ½ Zip

All GoLite’s products are made using recycled plastic bottles. In fact, they tell you on the website and on the tag of the product how many recycled bottles were used to make it; how cool is that! The ReLite Shorts come in black and Gull (think seagull). They are water resistant, provide UV protection and keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your body.

PaddleXaminer tested the ReLite Shorts while paddling on Lake Dillon and on an afternoon jog in Denver. The shorts are very light which is a huge plus. We love the four pockets on the shorts; you have two front pockets which you would expect, plus one pocket in the front with a zipper and one rear pocket which zips up too! The inseam is only 8” so keep that in mind if you have long legs.

At home in the Rockies with my trusty Hala Nass SUP.

The ReActive Boxer Brief and ReActive Tee are made from recycled bottle fibers to make a comfortable and function fabric which is surprisingly soft on the skin. PaddleXaminer tested the shirt and boxers while paddling and running. The best thing we like about them is how light they feel. People think, oh it’s recycled material it can’t be that great. Well GoLite has proven any skeptics wrong with their ReActive series!

Our favorite is the RePlay ½ Zip. It’s a light-weight, long sleeve, mid-layer. It comes in three colors: Citron, Fjord, and Gull. Just like the previous products tested, the RePlay ½ Zip is very light-weight and comfortable to wear. We like to throw it on in the morning when it’s cool before we head out for a morning paddle. The fabric has enough stretch to it so you can stay active and not worry about the fabric bunching up like other products do.

You know all those green plastic bottles we put in the recycle bins? We all think they are being recycled but they usually end up in a landfill because manufacturers can’t get the green tint out. Well, GoLite said we can use them! They came up with a Windbreaker called ReGreen Windshell. Using recycled bottles reduces the energy required to make the fabric by 50% and reduces the water consumption by close to 80%!

Also check out GoLite’s GoAid and GoResponsibly programs because they truly care about the planet and you should too! Give GoLite products a look. They are performance grade, light-weight, and sustainable.

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