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Gear Review: Costa Peli Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator shades are timeless, and Costa makes some of the best sunglasses out there. Based in Florida, Costa sunglasses are made for people who are constantly around the water. Their polarized lenses help protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays and the reflections off the water In a word, the Peli shades are saucy!

The Peli name is short for Pelican and are made for water lovers. They come in the classic teardrop shape with metal frames; the Peli’s come in four different frame options. The frame option you choose will determine the lense color options available, in both plastic and glass.

Costa does an excellent job of breaking down which color lenses are best for different conditions. Many debate the pros and cons of plastic vs. glass lenses, here’s our take; Plastic lenses will be lighter than glass, can be sturdier but more prone to scratches. Glass lenses will be heavier and are considered to provide the best vision, but can damage the eyes if they break.

Our Take

PaddleXaminer tested the Peli shades in Zion National Park this September. With the constant sun in the desert the polarized lenses were ideal to protect my eyes during my desert adventure. While there is the Virgin river running through Zion, the water levels were unfortunately too low to paddle during my visit. The metal frames fit well on my narrow face. The Peli’s I tested had glass lenses which I really liked. The weight of the lenses took a bit getting used to but after wearing them a bit, I didn’t notice the weight. The blue lenses suited me with my light complexion, per a few comments from fellow hikers!

Overall, the Peli shades hit all the marks I was looking for: stylish and comfortable! I highly recommend you give Costa a look; the perfect holiday gift!

Each pair of sunglasses from Costa includes:

  • Costa case

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Free shipping & returns

  • Limited lifetime warranty

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