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Gear Review: Costa Flip from Sole Sandals

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Sole Sandals, best known for their sandals with footbeds made of recycled cork, has introduced a range of sandals made from algae-based bloom foam. For those of us who are just hearing about bloom foam, it’s a performance based foam created from algae biomass. The algae is a renewable biomass that helps clean the environment and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels; basically it’s good for the planet! 

Paddlexaminer met up with Sole at the Winter Outdoor Retailer convention in Denver back in January. We looked at their difference cork footbed shoes but were interested in the algae bloom sandals because it was new to us. Each pair of Sole sandals comes with a tag listing out the eco-facts. The Costa Flip, reviewed by Paddlexaminer, had eco-facts of returning 54 bottles of filtered water back to the environment and five balloons of CO2 kept from entering the atmosphere. To learn more about eco-facts and other interesting facts about algae bloom, it is worth checking out this website.

The Costa Flip is the perfect sandal for the beach. Paddlexaminer tested it at beaches along lakes throughout Colorado. When you slip on the Costa, you immediately feel the footbed form to your foot. Not every foot is the same so it takes a few days of wearing the Costa before the mold settles to your unique foot design. Not surprisingly, the Costa Flip is accepted by the America Podiatric Medical Association. The Costas are definitely water friendly! When dropped in the water, they calmly hangout on top of the water. The flexible knit strap has a low-profile and does great in the water. The strap stays up so you don’t have trouble slipping your foot in the sandal even when it’s submerged in water. Don’t forget to wash your sandals footbed every few days as dirt and gunk can build up on the footbed. Don’t think a dip in the lake or ocean does the cleaning for you. Following this process will ensure your sandals last!

Key Features:

  1. Moldable custom support

  2. Reduced plantar fascia strain

  3. Enhanced alignment

  4. Improved natural heel cushioning

  5. Improved balance and underfoot feel

Retail price $65

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