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Gear Review: Cold Weather Buffs

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At PaddleXaminer we are focused on paddle sports, but in the winter, the mountains in Colorado offer some of the best skiing in the world. Plus these two sports are inextricably linked. Where do you think all the water for the rivers comes from? The melting snow!

Skiing, just like standup paddling, requires the proper gear. Paddlexaminer meet up with Buff USA representative Anna at the winter Outdoor Retailer show in Denver last year and took a look at their CoolNet UV buffs. While talking with Anna, she mentioned they have a lot of cold weather gear as well. She showed us these four products:

  1. Original

  2. DryFlx

  3. ThermonetTM

  4. Merino Wool (light-weight)

The Original Buff is multifunctional headwear which is engineered to stretch. It’s light-weight, offers UV protection, and is stylish, coming in a plethora of designs.

DryFlxⓇ is a light-weight buff which provides warmth for cool weather activities and has 360 degree reflectivity. The fabric stretches in multiple ways to flex with how your body moves.

ThermoNetTM is for the really cold days when the wind is howling, the snow is puking, and you’re out there getting fresh turns! The ThermoNetTM is made with PrimaLoftⓇ yarn which is four times warmer than regular microfiber. It’s extremely breathable and wicks moisture away to keep you dry.

The light-weight merino wool buff is an excellent everyday buff to protect your face and neck from the elements. The merino wool is super light yet protects your face and neck from the wind.

PaddleXaminer tested all four buff styles while skiing in Colorado; all are light-weight and easy to put on. For the really cold days, we like to use the ThermoNet because it has the PrimaLoft yarn. Other days, merino wool or DryFlx are great. While hiking Highlands Bowl in Aspen last spring the sun was brutally strong; no problem for the original buff because it provides UV protection!

Buffs are a great addition to the skiers gear repertoire and will work well for paddlers tackling a range of adverse weather conditions too. Check out Buff’s website to find yours!


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