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Gear Review: Buff UV Headwear

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Buff headwear specializes in multi-functional headwear. PaddleXaminer met up with Buff at the summer outdoor retail convention this summer in Denver. As a big time skier, I knew Buff mainly for their winter gear, but was curious to see what their summer lineup had to offer. The Buff rep Anna walked me through the different options:

  1. CoolNet UV+R

  2. CoolNet UV+R Reflective

  3. CoolNet UV+R Insect shieldr

CoolNet UV +R is great to protect yourself from the harsh summer sun. It’s made with 95% recycled material, and engineered with REPREVER performance microfiber. The material is ultra stretchy which allows the user to wear it 12 different ways. Plus, the CoolNet UV+R is approved and recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The CooNet UV+R Reflective offers all the same functions as the original CoolNet but adds reflective patterns on the material for increased visibility.

PaddleXaminer tested the CoolNet UV+R this summer while paddling on Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado. The higher elevation of the mountains increases the potency of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The Buff CoolNet UV+R is perfect to protect your head and neck from the sun. At first, I was worried I would get overheated wearing the CoolNet UV+R; my worries were cast aside after 30 minutes into my two hour paddle because my neck actual felt cooler than the rest of my body!

My favorite thing about Buff is the options they provide in all their gear. They come in solid colors, patterns, or tributes to various states. The other cool thing about Buff headwear is they tailor some of their options for men and women, so everyone can find something they like. 

Buff’s newest line is Insect ShieldR. It has all the same great features as CoolNet UV+R

Plus it helps keep the bugs away. The Insect ShieldR is treated with an odorless insect repellent which lasts up to 70 washes and helps keep mosquitos, ticks, and other bugs at bay. PaddleXaminer tested the Insect ShieldR while backpacking with friends in the Colorado mountains. Sometimes the bugs can be especially bad if you’re near a water source. On this hike the bugs came out of nowhere, buzzing all around us. I slipped on my Insect Shield buff and the bugs stayed away from me!

If you’re looking for a product to keep yourself cool, keep the bugs away, or just to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays, Buff has the product for you!


  1. Product Dimensions: (approx.) 20.5 (L) x 9 (W) inches

  2. Weight: 1.2 ounces

CoolNet UV+R Retail for $24 CoolNet UV+R with Insect Shield retail for $28

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