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Gear Review: Breeo Portable Grill Grate

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Camping is becoming more and more popular these days because of the desire to get outdoors. Whether you’re into car camping or doing a multiple day river trip, a campfire is an essential part of this experience. The Breeo Outpost is a portable grill grate you post in the ground. The clever design of the Outpost does not require a hammer to securely install the portable grate over your fire. The anchor for the grill is placed in the ground by hand, then you use the post as a hammer to drive the anchor into the ground; the two prongs need to be buried. Then flip the post around and insert it into the anchor, and attach the grate at the desired level. The stainless steel construction is solid and it’s made right here in the USA!

I rafted a section of the Colorado river known as Shoshone because the put-in is just downriver of the Shoshone hydroelectric power plant. The section is 1.6 miles long and involves multiple class III rapids. We did two laps on the river and ended at Glenwood springs Resorts which has a riverside campground. It’s a great spot along the river because you’re in the middle of Glenwood Canyon! I brought the Breeo Outpost 19 and installed it in the firepit. Pete was on food detail; he marinated four pounds of chicken which covered the entire 19” grate!

The design of the Outpost allowed us to position the grill over the entire fire instead of being hamstrung to use only a portion of the fire pit with the built in grate.

The Breeo Outpost is the perfect complement to any outdoor enthusiast’s quiver. It comes in two sizes 19” or 24” grates.

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