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Gear Review: Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 Wetsuit

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PaddleXaminer met up with Body Glove rep Katie at the Summer OR in Denver this past summer. We looked at some of Body Gloves boards but one item which stood out to us was the Pr1me 3/2mm zipperless men’s fullsuit

The Pr1me is designed with Evoflex which is ultra light, flexible, and warm construction. The Pr1me was super flexible while paddling on Lake Dillon and the Colorado River. I barely noticed any resistance in movement. What I loved about the suit, even at 3/2mm is how warm it was. The outside temperature was a balmy 40 degrees yet I was super comfortable in the Pr1me wetsuit. It helped to also be wearing neoprene gloves and water socks.

The wetsuit’s flexible construction makes it a great option for paddling, particularly on fast moving waterways requiring constant movement. The Evoflex is made of a composite blend of light and flexible foam. This gives the wetsuit maximum warmth and performance. The pyrostretch forms the interior of the wetsuit; it is super soft on the skin and while keeping the user warm.

The features of the Pr1me include:

  1. Zipperless Entry

  2. Evo Flex exterior

  3. Nano Tritec knee pads

  4. Ultra-Light X-Dry plush woven fabric for superior warmth & quick dry properties

  5. 3/2mm | Made for cool water: 56-65°F / 13-18°C

PaddleXaminer tested the Pr1me wetsuit while paddling this fall on Lake Dillon in Summit County CO. It was a cool 40 degrees (4.44 Celsius) day, but the sun was out which made for good weather conditions in late October. To put on the wetsuit is like putting on a onesie but a tighter fit. The wetsuit fit snug which is ideal; make sure you review the sizing chart if ordering online as it is spot on. The Evoflex kept me plenty warm while I was out paddling and didn’t hinder my movements much, if any.

The Pr1me wetsuit performed well for me paddling on Lake Dillon and the Colorado River. The flexibility of wetsuit allows the paddler the movement they need while on the water. The knee pads are also hugely important to prevent tearing the suit in the critical flex points.

Retail price for the Pr1me is $269.99.

Check out Body Glove’s website as they have a full line-up of other water sports gear as well!

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