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Gear Review: Body Glove Dynamo Ribcage Water Shoe

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When Body Glove first contacted me about reviewing their Dynamo Ribcage Water Shoe I honestly wasn’t expecting to love them. I’d owned water shoes before and while it’s always nice to have a good pair in your collection, they’re usually nothing special. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Dynamo Ribcage shoes have proven to be the most versatile shoes I’ve ever owned. In the month or so since I’ve had them, I’ve already worn them hiking, paddling, tide pooling, surfing, cliff jumping, in transit, and even on a motorcycle ride. They’re light-weight yet durable, making them the ideal travel shoe. Where once I would have brought multiple shoes for hiking, running, and waterfront activities, I now need to bring only one pair. My bags are lighter and my feet are happier, thanks to the Dynamo Ribcage water shoes.

Bright, flashy colors are super trendy right now be it in footwear, wetsuits, or clothing, and the Ribcage Water Shoe is no exception. This black shoe is highlighted with fluorescent pink and blue, making it fun and stylish for both on and off the water.

Photo: Sarah Parsons

In addition to the rockin’ aesthetic, this shoe is made with molded heel protection, 4-way stretch, easy slip-on entry, and a patented Integrated Drainage System (IDS), making it the perfect shoe for any and every adventure life might throw your way. These shoes are easy to slip on but also have laces, allowing you to synch them super tight so that stay on your feet and rocks stay out. The mesh on the sides makes them super breathable and allows the water to drain easily so you’re not lugging around a few extra pounds of liquid. The support on the bottom is minimal, but is enough to allow for treks over rocky ridges or short runs on the beach.

As a long-time fan of all things aquatic, I give these shoes two thumbs up. Whether you’re a river athlete, a traveler, or simply want a cool pair of shoes for everyday use, the Dynamo Ribcage Water Shoe is definitely worth taking a look at.

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