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Gear Review: Ani Ani Hex Solo Mess Kit

by admin

The Hex Solo mess kit from Ani Ani is a compact 6-in-1 mess kit designed for individual outdoor adventurers. The uniquely designed kit comes complete with everything you’ll need for a low impact – high adventure trip in the outdoors, including:

  • a nonstick frying pan (20cm diameter)

  • an expandable spork (fork & spoon)

  • a wooden spatula

  • a 900ml nesting bowl

  • a collapsible cup

  • a prep box

Our Take

Simple and straightforward, the Ani Ani Hex Solo mess kit is a compact bit of kit that contains everything you’ll need to prepare and cook an individual meal in the outdoors except for the stove itself! The Hex Solo is lightweight and each of the six components easily nests inside one another. I really like that Ani Ani uses two very wide elastic straps to securely hold the nested Hex Solo kit in place. You could drop this kit on the ground and all six of the nested components will almost certainly stay together. The mess kit packs down to a relatively flat profile which will easily fit inside a small dry bag for over the water trips.

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