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Gear Review: Adidas Parley Boat Shoes

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When paddling rivers you want to protect your feet from the rocks, sticks, and other debris in and around the river; the Adidas Parley Boat Shoes fits the bill. The Adidas Parley is designed to be in the water with its light-weight breathable fabric which feels cool and it weighs a mere 7.6 oz. The bottom of the shoe has 12 drains with wire mesh covering to allow the water to drain while at the same time keep small pebbles and debris out. The soles of the shoes incorporate Traxion, a non-marking sole construction. The name Parley actually comes from Parley Ocean Plastic™ which is made from recycled waste intercepted from beaches and coastal areas before it reaches the ocean.

Paddlexaminer tested the Adidas Parley on the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this spring. The solid traction on the sole of the shoe is perfect for paddleboarding. At the launching spot I had to put my feet in the water; when I stepped on my board the water completely drained from the shoes. There was no soggy shoe feeling when wearing the shoes. The knit fabric breathes well. When I fell in at C-hole on the Yampa my feet dinged a couple rocks on the river bottom but the Parlay shoes easily protected my feet with their solid construction.

Adidas Parley – at home on the rocks!

Overall the Adidas Parlay is the perfect shoe to paddle in because it protects your feet, performs well in the water, and looks stylish enough to wear around town after getting off the water.

The Adidas Parley are available in three colors:

  1. Core Black

  2. Carbon

  3. Chalk White

The are offered for both men and women sizes retailing for $72.

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