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From One Lineup to the Next, Everyone’s Stoked On the NSP Coco Endless Longboard

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NSP’s sustainably made Coco Endless longboard rides like a dream. Over the past five months, I’ve tested it in different lineups and conditions and it is by far the best board I’ve ever owned. But don’t take my word for it. Everyone has different opinions and preferences so I spent the summer swapping boards with friends in the lineup.

The downside—they didn’t want to trade back. The jury’s out, this board is a winner! 

Fun in the sun! The NSP Coco Endless Longboard.

Brenna Devlin Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

When I picked up the board I was surprised by how light it was. I was worried it would be hard to catch waves but when I took it out at San O it was the complete opposite—I didn’t have to work as hard to get waves as I usually do. When I was up it was super fun and easy to turn and carve; it felt like I was gliding on water. I love that it is more environmentally friendly than other boards out there. Overall, I think it receives a 10/10 for its easiness to ride and for its cool factor being made out of coconut husks.

Alexa Marcon Encinitas, CA

The Coco Endless is a versatile, yet classic board that everyone should have in their quiver. Its stable and solid, which makes it easy to get into waves (both big and small). I love that it’s made from coconut husks, which is a great alternative for eco-conscious surfers. I really enjoyed riding it down in Baja,;it’s the perfect board to take with you on a quick trip south of the border!

Kyle Brown Irvine, CA

The Coco Endless was the perfect combination of a mellow, user-friendly surfboard, and performance longboard. It’s perfect whether you’re a newbie or longtime surfer like myself. I was initially surprised at how light the board was; it was very easy to carry up and down the stairs to the beach. This board paddles like a sailboat, gliding with ease out into the Las Gaviotas line up (not the shortest paddle). After a couple of shorter waves, I felt a little bit more comfortable and ventured toward the nose. I couldn’t be more please with the ease it took to hold the board in a noseride. 

Sarah Parsons Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

This lightweight and environmentally friendly board was great! I love that it’s made from coconut husks, as it’s a much better alternative for the environment. Not only was it easy to carry down the beach but it was also easy to ride. As a beginner, the size and weight of the board makes it perfect for me to stand up and catch waves. I couldn’t be happier with this board!

Paige Smith San Clemente, CA

Not only does the NSP Coco Endless look totally cool and reminiscent of something you’d see in the 70s, it just feels good — all the way from carrying it down to the sand to standing up on it. It’s super easy to ride and felt really sturdy, which was a major plus for a beginner surfer like myself. I’d definitely ride it again.

Paul Lujan Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The Coco Endless is a fine surfboard. The bottom is made of environmentally sustainable coconuts—it is lightweight and glides through the water. It has all of the stability of a longboard coupled with the maneuverability of a shorter board. It just makes you feel good to ride on a sustainably made board!

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