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Fin Talk With Giorgio Gomez

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Paddleboard Fins. Known simply as “Gio” by friends and teammates, Giorgio Gomez is playing a definitive role in defining the present and future of high performance SUP surfing. Widely known for his flashy, shortboard style and the ability to throw his board’s tail in the air, Gomez has a spiritual approach to surfing and is incredibly down to earth, well-spoken, and passionate about the sport and its future. In short, he is a sponsor’s dream. In the past year he teamed up with Infinity, an iconic brand with a surf heritage which pre-dates the contemporary inception of stand up paddling by several decades, and has had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best athletes and shapers in the business.

We spoke with Giorgio Gomez via phone recently and discussed the nuances of different fin configurations on a surf SUP. Here’s what he had to say:

Fins actually really make a big difference and can completely change a board’s performance. If you think your board is not working, you’ve gotta change the fins. Try changing the fin setup too. It could work better as a quad, it could work better as a thruster. You always have to play with the fins because the fins make the board.

If you are surfing beach breaks, you’ll want to use straight up and down fins for more pivoting in the pocket. If you are surfing more point breaks, you’ll want to use a fin with more of a rake. This will enable you to draw your turns out more.

I’m sponsored by 3DFINS which uses a golf ball / dimple technology designed to reduce drag and add speed which allows for more drive. I’ve done tests using fins without the technology and I can definitely feel the difference.  

I like to use a paddleboard fin with more depth, more area for hold, and more base for drive. Basically, the more a fin has on base, the more drive it will have. Also, the more area on a fin, the more hold it has. I just came out with a signature fin set with 3DFINS based on my personal design preferences. It’s been really great!

Quads and thrusters are both great. I like to switch it up depending on traditions…fins are definitely the biggest thing that will change a board.  

Fin Talk is an excerpt from an in-depth interview with Giorgio Gomez on SUP surfing and his experience at the 2016 ISA Games. To read the full interview click: A Stand up Guy; An In-Depth Interview With Giorgio Gomez

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