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Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack for SUP

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Action sports apparel and equipment maker Dakine produces an invigorating range of of apparel and gear for athletes across a diverse portfolio of sports. The Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack fills an essential niche in the growing market for stand up paddling accessories and is in regular use by top athletes and recreational competitors around the world.

Description of the Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack

  1. 70 oz. (2 lt) hydration bladder with fixed hose

  1. Two external pockets

  2. Waist and sternum straps

  3. Mesh side panels

  4. Integrated whistle on the sternum strap

  5. Lightweight nylon / mesh construction

SUP Examiner’s Take

The Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack is a high quality, intelligently designed pack that will suit the needs of the world’s most competitive stand up paddle racers and recreational paddlers with equal precision. One of the first things one will notice about this particular hydration pack is its svelte, lightweight design. Everything you see has a purpose.

The pack accommodates a 70 oz (2 lt) hydration bladder and includes a great one that is every bit as thoughtfully designed as the pack itself. The top loading hydration bladder is easy to fill and secure by folding down the rigid plastic section along the top and attaching the slide on clip. Inside the bladder, a small baffle along the spine militates against your contents from sloshing from side to side. The drink tube is effective and serves its intended purpose, while the angled bite valve can be rested in one of the gear loops on the sternum and shoulder straps.

The lightweight nylon pack does not retain water due to the use of mesh along the sides and enable the pack to quickly jettison unwanted water. The mesh works so well that we would have no problem considering wearing this pack during extended SUP surfing sessions.

Running to the finish with the Dakine Waterman Hydration Pack. Photo, Jennifer Gregory

The pack’s shoulder straps are soft, comfortable and easy to adjust. Together with the sternum and waist strap, you can obtain a rock solid fit. Unlike some packs where the weight shifts from side to side while paddling or the straps move out of position, the Dakine pack stays firmly in place enabling you to focus on and enjoy paddling and not fighting with ill-fitting gear. The design of the straps provides such a comfortable fit that the pack can even be worn without a shirt or rashguard – e.g. no armpit chafing. The soft, nylon construction also ensures this pack will have a long life compared to similar products with elastic straps which stretch and degrade with use over time.

The pack features an integrated whistle on the sternum strap which is a nice and easily accomplished safety accessory. On the back of the pack, the two pockets are suitably sized to carry a cell phone and other small items. Again, Dakine went the extra mile here as well and used a super strength velcro to quickly enable a secure closure on the clamshell shaped pockets.

This is a great pack that will quickly become your favored piece of gear for extended paddling. The overall combination of a superior design and a few simple, yet thoughtfully placed features makes the Dakine Hydration Pack an excellent choice.

Disclosure: Dakine provided SUP Examiner with a sample of this product, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

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