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Carving Up Perfection On the Hamboards Classic

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This is the second article in an ongoing series about land paddling a Hamboards Classic.

Looking ahead as you set up your next turn. You can feel the wind in your hair and your board securely beneath your feet. As you begin to accelerate into the turn you pump your legs and then stretch out as you complete the maneuver. You might be holding your arms out wide or striking a signature pose as the excitement of the moment overcomes you. It is a sensation commonly felt by surfers around the world. Now imaging generating that same vibe when surfing on land.

With the Hamboards Classic that sensation is possible and you don’t have to get wet and sandy or even live near the coast. Many of my initial outings with my board were through my neighborhood streets and along the lengthy path along the beach stretching from one end of the Santa Monica Bay to the other. The streets are fun, but the pavement texture varies significantly from one block to the next. There are also, of course, cars, trucks and speeding delivery vehicles.

Where to go?

This left me longing for a place where I could stretch my legs, so to speak, and unwind the full potential of the board. Unfortunately, the nearby school playgrounds where ample, temptingly smooth concrete are fenced off. This revelation prompted me to embark on a scavenger hunt for smooth pavement and unfettered access. I found salvation at a nearby church parking lot and despite the signs stating “No Skateboarding” I ventured in.

The lot had been freshly paved within the past year and has the perfect gradient for skating. Essentially flat, there is a slight declivity for drainage in the center creating a perfect skating arena. It’s no wonder there are “No Skateboarding” signs posted, I soon learned. This lot is perfect!

I’ve had a number of great land paddling sessions at the parking lot. Sometimes there are a couple of other skaters present, but more often than not I’m on my own. The pavement is smooth and the lot is just the right size to carve an endless loop of figure eights around the light poles.  If you are starting out with one of Hamboards’ great designs or are an experienced skater, there is nothing better than a freshly paved, empty parking lot. I can’t wait to go back!

Learn more about the complete range of boards, including the 6’6” Classic, at Hamboards.com.


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