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Bollé Brands Commits to Development of Sustainable, Eco Friendly Products

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Bollé Brands, which has been leaning on innovation such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to separate itself from competitors is now using its innovation advantage to deliver eco-friendly sunglasses and helmets for this Spring.

The first two products to come out of this Eco effort are the Bollé Eco React cycling helmet as well as durable and stylish new plant-based nylon frames that are used in much of Serengeti’s Sport summer 2021 collection.

These new eco-driven product launches come on the heels of recent Bollé technology innovations that were centered around Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The company is also set to disrupt the market once again with a new innovation launch that combines both AI and AR that is set to debut later this spring.

The Volt+ is a high contrast lens that used AI to evaluate 20 million different color combinations before determining the perfect lens. The brand is also using Augmented Reality to allow customers to not only see what its helmets and sunglasses look like on your face, but to then look out through Bollé’s top of the line Phantom lens to experience the highest performing lens on the market. This technology allows consumers to try on and try out Bollé at home and then place an order with a participating retailer.

The new Volt + lens is the result of work done in the company’s EPIC Design Center in Lyon, France. The success of the EPIC Design Center and the many innovations it has produced has led the company to open a second EPIC Design Center in San Diego, CA. which expects to start operating in the coming months.

“It was a tough year for everyone, but we were able to use the time to forge ahead in our EPIC Center with new performance driven innovations,” said Tove Fritzell, Director of Product & Innovation at Bollé.

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