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Board Review: Hala Atcha 96

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Hala is one of the leaders in the inflatable SUP market. They are not ones to rest on their laurels, they are always looking to improve their boards.

On 2021 Hala released the Stompbox 2.0 which has a 9” retractable center fin which springs back entirely into the fin box. They added the Stompbox 2.0 to all of their river boards in 2021.The patented StompBox 2.0 which gives the board better control and drive. The StompBox prevents you from supermanning off your board.

They took their whitewater Atcha board, and enhanced the river rocker. The center handle lays flat so you’re less likely to snag your foot on it; there are two grab handles on the upper edges of the board which come in handy to pull the board up the bank of the river, or climb back onto your board.

All Hala boards are constructed with welded seams which are stronger and last longer. Hala boards also come with an industrial leading five year warranty.

Our Take

I tested the 96 Atcha over the 2022 river season, paddling the Eagle, Gore, Crystal, and Arkansas rivers in Colorado. The river rocker on the Atcha is intense, and I love it! It allows the board to ride the wave trains with ease.

The upgraded StompBox is a big improvement and allows the paddler to paddle with more confidence knowing he/she will not get snagged by the center fin. The 96 Atcha is nimble enough to handle just about anything the river throws at you. I’m sure the Atcha allowed me to shave a few seconds off my Vail whitewater series race times.

If you’re looking to get into whitewater paddleboarding, the Atcha is the board for you!

The 96 Atcha retails for $1,299.

Dimensions: 9’6” x 36” x 6”; the Atcha is also available in 8’6” and 7’11” length

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