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Adjusting the Trucks on Your Hamboards Classic

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A lot of guys love the chance to break out the tool box and start tinkering. I’m not one of them. I hate the mere thought of having to perform maintenance on my gear. When sourcing a product, I look for the most low maintenance, long-lasting item. So when the trucks on my Hamboards Classic recently developed an annoying squeak you can imagine I was none too happy. I began to have thoughts of having to take apart the entire wheel assembly, oil the inner workings and make a trip to the hardware store for parts.

I went to the Hamboards website where there are a range of informative videos and photos of their boards. As frustrated as I was that my board was squeaking, I was fairly confident I was not the first to encounter this dilemma.

Outside SUP Examiner HQ.

I clicked around the Hamboards website and discovered an option to select FAQs. You can find the link on the bottom left of the Hamboards website. I figured that was probably a good place to start researching the issue. Low and behold, I was not the first to encounter a squeaky wheel. More importantly, however, the solution appeared to be straightforward and uncomplicated.

My Classic, Pinger of Fish squeaks when I ride it…What’s up with that?  

Please stop riding the board immediately… Either you don’t have enough grease in the white plastic wave cams or your kingpin is way too tight and it’s making the wave cams (inside the spring) gaul against each other.  Refer to the guide below on how to tune your trucks. If your trucks are tuned right, and you still hear squeaking, you might need to lubricate the wave cams .  The manufacturer (Original) recommends Lithium grease… Here’s the link that teaches how to assemble your trucks.  In a pinch I’ve used a good blast of WD-40 or silicone lubricant which did the trick…  The only lube we don’t recommend is any petroleum-based oil or grease… Definitely no motor oil!

The “guide below” mentioned above essentially involves two steps: 1) remove the allen wrench (included with your board) from its secure location in the wheel assembly, 2) insert it in the back of the truck and turn it either left or right to loosen the truck. A third optional step involves applying a bit of lubricant. I wanted to eradicate the squeak from my wheels, so I shot the trucks with a spray of WD40 for good measure after making a small adjustment with the allen wrench.

No more squeak. Just a happy Hamboards owner.

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