Writer’s Guidelines and Photography

Contributing to PaddleXaminer


PaddleXaminer is fortunate to have a diverse cadre of contributing writers from around the world. Our contributors play a valuable role by bringing fresh perspectives and diversity to our dynamic publication. Do you have an idea for a story you’d like to write for PaddleXaminer? We’d love to hear your pitch. Remember, each of our writers started out as a PaddleXaminer reader just like you!

Please familiarize yourself with our content and writing style. It is best if you pitch your idea for a specific section. All sections are open to submissions, including our sponsored featured columns. Target your article’s length for around 700 words and Google Docs are a great way to share content with PaddleXaminer. We also accept submissions in Word. Article ideas may be submitted to us at info@paddlexaminer.com.


We are always interested in receiving photographs from photographers willing to share their work. Whether your photographs are from a specific event, great trip or just from out and about in your local paddling area, we rely on intrepid photographers like you to complement our writing. Photographs may be shared with us at info@paddlexaminer.com.