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Socialize and Succeed: The Benefits of Group Training

Why Group Training Training alone, while it can work for some, is a challenging prospect. Top athletes across athletic disciplines all rely on coaches to...
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How to Extend the Life of Your SUP: Five Easy Tips

Easy tips for getting the most out of your SUP One of the most critical factors in being a sustainable paddler is extending the life...
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What Paddlers Want: Reflections on SUP Racing

A rising tide of discussion on creating a good race experience has percolated to the top of discussions across the SUP racing community in...
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Achieving Your Best Performance as a SUP Athlete

SUP Athlete: Best Performance An athlete’s goal is to achieve best performance. Optimal training and nutrition are key factors in improving performance and health. SUP...
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Showaflops: Functional, Fashionable and Fun!

Review: Showaflops flip flops Inspired by a visit to a college dormitory years ago, Showaflops set out to make a range of quick drying flip...