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Hamboards Classic, Skating, landpaddling, Merrell

Carving Up Perfection On the Hamboards Classic

The 6’6” Hamboards Classic is a Carving Machine This is the second article in an ongoing series about land paddling a Hamboards Classic. Looking ahead as...
Ryan Funk, Maliko Run, Maui, sup examiner, stand up paddling, young paddler

Spotlight on the Future: Ryan Funk

Ryan Funk - A Man on a Mission Tahoe native turned Maui resident, Ryan Funk has seemingly stepped onto a fast track to excellence as...

Tips from the Top with Chase Kosterlitz

At 6’3”, Chase Kosterlitz towers over most competitors in the Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) arena.  His height led him to a memorable college basketball career...
water proof, h2o audio, paddlexaminer

H2O Audio Announces FLOAT Waterproof, Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Speaker with Integrated Microphone Includes Water-ready Suction Cup Mount for Poolside or Shower Mounting H2O Audio, today announced...
YRQ, Yukon River Quest, PaddleXaminer

Registration opens Nov. 1st for 21st annual Yukon River Quest

“Race to the Midnight Sun” expands prize money throughout classes as YRQ moves into third decade.  Race dates are June 26-30, 2019