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Infinity Board, Leash, Paddler

Leashology: Leash Components and When to Use a Straight vs. Coiled

This is the second article in a two-part series on SUP etiquette.  Identifying the Parts of a Leash A leash has three parts. Let’s start with...
Slacker Packer, Granite Gear, Dry Bag, Dry Sack

Gear Review: The Granite Gear Slacker Packer Drysack

Slacker Packer Drysack Quite possibly the most versatile drysack on the market, the Granite Gear Slacker Packer Drysack is packed full of great features which...
Nomadik, paddlexaminer, subscription gear boxes, eco vessel, mpowerd, simply straws

Nomadik Produces Earth Month Themed Subscription Gear Boxes

Curated subscription gear boxes are cool. Curated subscription gear boxes that align with your values are even better!
Infinity SUP, Genna Flinkman, Infinity Blackfish, Infinity whiplash, paddlexaminer

Genna Flinkman On Awareness and Redemption

From Volleyball to Basketball to Paddling The top paddlers are people just like you and me, except they are completely focused on their goals and...
Buff, PaddleXaminer, Headwear

Gear Review: Buff UV Headwear

Buff headwear specializes in multi-functional headwear. PaddleXaminer met up with Buff at the summer outdoor retail convention this summer in Denver. As...